Pierre Bonneville, Senior Associate

Pierre Bonneville brings to the firm significant knowledge and experience in government procurement operations, including contract pricing, cost analysis, cost policy and multinational contractual costing.

Currently, Pierre is advising defence companies on a range of contractual costing issues relating to major defence procurement programs, including annual rate negotiation strategies and rate proposal preparation, corporate costing practices and time recording systems reviews.

Over his career in the Public Service, Mr. Bonneville has made significant contributions in the area of contractual costing for the Government of Canada.   As a member of the Cost & Price Analysis Group, Pierre was the responsible Costing Analyst for the acquisition of the Light Armoured Vehicles from General Dynamics Land Systems on behalf of several countries.  These included the armed forces of Canada, the US (Army and Marine Corp), Australia and New Zealand. 

Additionally, Mr. Bonneville was the Lead Canadian Government Representative responsible for providing the US Army – TAACOM BCT “Stryker” Program with contractual costing and pricing support for the procurement of the Canadian built vehicles.

Much of Pierre’s work included managing the provision of contractual costing services in accordance with the Government of Canada policies, practices and procedures in order to support a variety of major military and civilian procurement programs.  Pierre negotiated competitive labour and overhead costing rates and provided contractual costing expertise on the updating of Public Services and Procurement Canada (formerly PWGSC) costing policies and to a variety of major Crown procurement projects.

After his retirement from the Public Service in 2008, Pierre was engaged by Samson and Associates as a senior consultant, providing sound financial management and contractual advice to clients.  These included the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Global Affairs Canada (formerly the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade -DFAIT), and Heritage Canada.

Pierre holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Ottawa.  He is fluently bilingual in Canada’s two official languages.

Mr. Bonneville joined Centre-Arch Inc. as an Associate in June 2011.